SAS Launches New Corporate Scheme

9 November 2015

Specialist Aviation Services Ltd is pleased to reveal its new corporate helicopter livery as part of its company re-branding.

The company operates as Medical Aviation Services and Police Aviation Services and with its sister company, European Support Centre in Belgium, it operates and supports over thirty MD 902 Explorers in the UK and mainland Europe. It is also set to become the UK’s first AW 169 HEMS operator and service centre early next year.

SAS has recently upgraded one of its back-up fleet of Explorers, G-SASR so that it is night HEMS capable. The modification was carried out at the company’s Gloucestershire Airport completions facility using its own NVIS STC and also features a nose-mounted Trakkabeam searchlight. The new paint scheme features the company’s british racing green, white and grey colours.

As Sales Director Nigel Lemon explains: “This is the second NVIS back-up Explorer air ambulance which we have converted on our fleet and the re-paint has been a fantastic opportunity to support our re-branding initiative”.